At the Department of Economics at the University of Peloponnese founded the Laboratory called «Digital Health Applications and Health Economics Analytics Laboratory - DigiTHEA Lab", which covers teaching and research needs of the Department of Economics related to the following subjects: Digital Health, Health Information Systems, Healthcare Management, Health Economics.
The activities of the Laboratory are summarized in undergraduate and graduate student training in basic research and doctoral dissertations and applied research and the formulation of funded research programs in the disciplines of the laboratory. In particular, the DigiTHEA Laboratory is focused on the following areas:
  • Promotion of science in the fields of Digital Health and Health Economics.
  • Development and applied research, autonomously or under funded research programs on issues related to teaching and research objects of the Laboratory.
  • Coverage of teaching and research at undergraduate and postgraduate level of the Department of Economics on matters outside the scope of the laboratory activity.
  • Development of partnerships with institutes, research centers, academic institutions and scientific and other institutions in Greece or abroad, whose objectives are similar or complementary to those of the laboratory.
  • Publication of scientific articles, studies, books, monographs, etc. around the subjects of the laboratory.
  • Organization or co-organization of seminars, workshops, congresses, conferences and lectures for the advancement of knowledge and promotion of the laboratory goals.
  • Organizing actions lifelong learning, seminars and other similar initiatives around the subjects of the laboratory.
  • Serving different social needs, to issues that the Laboratory deals.
  • Strengthening bibliographic and technological infrastructure at the Department of Economics of the University of Peloponnese to support the conduct of the investigation.




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